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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This article is written with the only medium that is my experience. I propose a pragmatic point of view, coming from observing the behaviors of my own dogs, those of others, as well as the interactions I have with them. 
To set the environment, here are some details about the lifestyle of my companions. Here, dogs are considered full members of the family. I usually say that they are "included in the group" because I consider that we are indeed a group, in which their life is not worth less than mine and anyone else’s. Generally speaking, their place is as legitimate as mine and vice versa.
I teach them a certain way of life and respect for everyone. 
The hierarchy in the sense that it is understood is not really used here.
These details seem important to mention, because the do
g’s behaviour obviously depends on them.

A young breed
The breed was officially born around 1982, when about forty puppies were inscribed in the Czech Origin Book.
The FCI recognized the breed and its standard in 1989.

Here is a complete article on the birth of race, aspect on which I do not dwell here

Thanks to CSWBelgium for this beautiful report 


Physicals attributes
In my opinion, the CLT is one of the strongest breeds in the canine world.

Genetic heir of these ancestors, the wolf, it is physically cut for endurance.
You will be the limiting factor in case of sports, prepare your cardio.
Unlike some breeds, there is no recurrent defect in his selection. No obesity, bone problems, eye problems, etc.
The vet rarely sees him.
The temperature resistance range is wide, from tanning in full sun to resting in fresh snow, it accommodates.
Quick recovery in case of injury.Her dress is rhythmic with the seasons, usually a nice moult arrives in spring.
Finally, they are dogs that usually age rather well.
Average physical data:
Male: 70 cm at withers, around 40 kg
Female: 65 cm at withers, around 30 kg

A dog in the "truth"
The Czech is a very expressive and communicative dog.
He knows very well how to make others understand, including you, his needs, his joy, his disagreement, his desire to play, his love for you.
This makes it easy to live with, when you go to the trouble of learning and understanding canine language.


Daily life
His daily will be your daily.
It is important to understand the importance of
this from the dog’s perspective. 
In the case of a good relationship with its humans, the latter represent its Family with a large F. What makes it a clearly family oriented dog, making even the distinction adult/child, taking into account the potential weakness of the young, with which he will be more patient and forgiving. Behavior found with puppies.
Therefore, he will gladly share the activities you do, with the need to feel existing and useful, in his own way. Often he will enjoy being close to you and can show himself as "glue pot".

Despite its solid and rough appearance, it will appreciate the interior comfort of your home and will steal your favorite place on the sofa.
The CLT also has its solitary side and knows how to take time alone, to roam, chew a toy, or just observe its environment.
The need for physical expenditure is not a truth, despite what can be frequently read. 
Doing sports to do sports is not a genetically inscribed behavior, unless it is conditioned and selected to this. Nevertheless, he remains a dog who has energy to spare, in addition to his curiosity and thirst for discovery, especially in the period of pre-adolescence and adolescence. 



Relationship with you
The CLT has a family for life. It is a dog attached and endearing and makes it feel.
The relationship with his/her referees is partly based on trust. 
I dissociate two aspects concerning this trust: first, 
Trust in your ability to provide for your primary needs, behaviour that comes from deep instincts, essential to survival.
Then the confidence relative to your state of mind, in the sense that the CLT will prefer to live with a solid person in managing his state of being. 

His senses are sharp and his sensitivity as well.
The dog "scans" a person in time to say it and perceives precisely what is released emotionally and intentionally.
The same applies to its environment. It can happen, in crowded environment for example, that the dog is overwhelmed by the mass of information to manage. In some cases, it is necessary to bring things to him in a progressive and logical way.



The CLT is able to share its life with other beings.
Dog, cat, hen, goat, horse, etc. 

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