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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Chien-Loup Tchécoslovaque

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The selection of dogs is the basis of my work. They are carefully chosen according to the LOF standard and their behavioural predispositions. A health test battery is also performed for each of them, validating their ability to reproduce and transmit good genetics.

Formation canine, compréhension du chien, communication animale

Training (available in France)

The transmission of knowledge is, in my opinion, the best vector of evolution in all fields. With my experience, I offer trainings in various contents according to the needs. Discover my approach and the different formats offered.



Close to my group, I give myself 100% in my work, making sure that it is in line with my values in order to provide exceptional results. Puppys live in a complete social environment, including humans and dogs. The learning begins here long before they go to their new family, in order to get an easy environment transition.

Socialisation chien loup tchécoslovaque

Dog scare training (available in France)

The desensitization course to the fear of the dog takes place over a day. The method in place is progressive and personalized for everyone. The work done together is integral, we address all aspects and mechanisms involved in the phenomenon of fear.

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