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Chien loup tchécoslovaque et son maître

Hello !

Welcome to my website,

My name is Florian, I am the founder of this structure which offers several activities including the selection and breeding of Czechoslovak wolf dogs, the transmission of knowledge through various formations, and personalized support for those who wish to change their point of view and make their relationship with the dog.

Wishing you a good visit !

My history

My immersion in the dog world began early in life, as my parents always included dogs in the family environment. At the age of 3, I was already in the middle of a litter of Belgian shepherds. These memories are strong because at this age, mental filters are not present and contact with the animal world is natural, fluid and limpid.


I can't tell the story of my life without mentioning Belle, a female Belgian shepherd who arrived on this planet almost at the same time as I did, and who followed me into my teens. The years I spent with her were clearly the best training I've had to date, by far. A mostly non-verbal relationship, obvious communication, and simplicity.


During my period of childhood and adolescence, I couldn't help spending time with every dog I met. Soon enough, I'm asked to help correct little behaviors deemed undesirable by masters, and thus give keys to understanding their animal. As the years go by, I follow a classic training course in the scientific sphere. In fact, life circumstances prevented me from taking an animal-oriented course after my A-levels, to my great despair. So I continued my scientific studies, which in the end turned out to be very useful today.

I take my independence and enter the professional world, knowing that I won't make a career of it because something else awaits me. I know it deep down inside, and there's no room for doubt: several quadrupeds will be my companions in this life, it's obvious.


One day, as I turn down the street, I hear talk of a wolfdog. I decided to visit a kennel after gathering some information on the web. From the first second, the first contact, I knew it was them, there was no room for doubt. I immediately felt that extra "something" that I couldn't find in other breeds. With the benefit of hindsight, I can now say that I wouldn't change breed for anything in the world.


The years go by, the right environment is there, the pack is in place. My line of conduct is clearly qualitative, with strong values towards dogs and people. With rigor and professionalism, I pass on the knowledge I've acquired over the years, with a single aim in mind: to improve and develop human awareness of dogs.

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